Let’s have a look at what equipment you will need for your e-liquid DIY journey. I refer to this as a journeyeliquid Diy scale - E-Liquid DIY Equipment & Accessories because it really is, there is a lot to discover and learn, something that will take time.


E-liquid DIY for Beginners – Equipment

Some of the basic equipment you will need for e-liquid DIY:


  • Latex gloves – protection when working with nicotine – you can find them at most pharmacies, and they are quite cheap.
  • Eye protection is recommended, especially if you are going to work with high concentrations of nicotine.

Measuring equipment

There are three ways e-liquid DIY ingredients can be measured – drops, milliliters and grams.
Measuring flavouring by drops is not good practice as the flavourings come in all kinds of dropper bottles with varying drop size. It makes it nigh impossible to be accurate – and most importantly – consistent.eliquid diy syringes - E-Liquid DIY Equipment & Accessories

Syringes are more accurate, but still a bit of a rough measure if you are doing small batches. However, they will do for a start if you are trying to save money – available at pharmacies quite cheaply. You will need 1ml, 5ml and 20ml syringes.

A small scale is the most accurate solution. It must have at least 0.01g increments.


For the e-liquid you make HDPE, LDPE or PET bottles are the best. They come in 10ml to 250ml sizes. You will need bottles that you can use to drip or fill a tank with, so nozzle size is important.

For small test batches 10ml or 20ml dropper bottles are probably the best. Test batches can push up the overall cost of your DIY as many of them will not be vaped, so keeping them small makes financial sense. On the other hand, unless you have a scale, a small test batch is difficult to measure accurately.

Nicotine should always be stored in amber glass bottles for best shelf-life. Always in a cool place, or in a spare refrigerator where the family won’t accidentally access it.

E-Liquid DIY Calculator

diy calculator - E-Liquid DIY Equipment & Accessories
Whether you use milliliters (syringes) or grams (scale) for your DIY measurements, you will need a calculator to work out how much of each ingredient you need for your e-liquid mix.

You can download our free calculator here.