Ejuice DIY can be a rewarding hobby and a way to save money, or it can become a discouraging journey for many, costing them a lot of time and money with disappointing results. Let us examine the pros and cons of ejuice DIY vs buying your eliquid.


EJuice DIY – Where do I begin?

333 - EJuice DIY vs Buy
To start your ejuice DIY journey, you will first need to gain knowledge of the components in eliquid – VG, PG, nicotine (be sure to read up on how to safely handle nicotine before you start), flavouring concentrates and additives.

This is an overview of the rewards and pitfalls of eliquid DIY, I will be adding more technical guides soon. In the meantime you can search the internet for more specific information – there is a lot out there, though all that glitters isn’t gold.


Approaches to ejuice DIY

Once you have educated yourself on the various ingredients of ejuice and the mixing equipment that you’ll need to start your e juice DIY journey, it would be wise to first pause and decide;

  • Do you want, or have the time, to really dive down the rabbit hole of designing your own recipes?
  • Is your intention to just try some of the many recipes that can be found all over the internet?

Most vapers that start e juice DIY try a lot of both, an approach that lacks focus and that could be very costly, time consuming and discouraging. I would strongly suggest you choose one of these as your primary focus. They are two totally different approaches requiring different mindsets, as well as different investments in time and ingredients.

I will expand on this problem in another article – it is a problem many e-liquid DIY’ers face quite early in their journey. Just be aware that if you are not clear on whether you want to make e-liquid DIY your hobby – with the associated commitment in time and dedication – or whether you simply want to DIY for financial reasons, you will really be diving down a rabbit hole that may just be a waste of time and money, and worst of all may discourage you to the point of giving up vaping and going back to smoking.


Ejuice DIY One Shots – A Third Option for Your Vape Juice

If it sounds as if I am trying to discourage you from DIY in an effort to get you to buy our eliquids it is not my intention at all, I assure you. We support the DIY community, which is why we offer a simple ‘One Shot’ DIY solution. This eliminates the need for going through a steep learning curve while assuring you of making premium vape juice without much effort or investment in time.

Having been in the industry for more than a decade I have seen too many vapers starting DIY – mostly because of the necessity to save money – and simply giving it up after a while, discouraged.

Ejuice DIY can be a very rewarding hobby, and I encourage vapers that have the time to try it and will assist and advise them whenever I can, but decide beforehand how much commitment to it you have and tailor your approach to it accordingly to improve your chances of success.


E-Liquid DIY – Some pros and cons


  • Can save you money if done correctly
  • Tailor your vape to your liking / preferences
  • Can be very rewarding if successful in giving you a sense of achievement and pleasure


  • It can be costly if not approached correctly
  • Can be very time consuming
  • Worst of all, it can be very discouraging if unsuccessful – at worst may drive you back to smoking


Buying E-Liquid – Some pros and cons


  • No investment of time and effort
  • No learning curve, except to find the flavours you like
  • E-Liquid on demand
  • Some exceptional flavours available


  • Can be expensive
  • May take a bit of time to find the brands and flavours you like
  • Do not know how long the ejuice has been standing on shelves slowly deteriorating